Materials & Production processes

You may have already read about our process, time to find out some of the materials we use and what we do with them.


For our Custom range the list of materials you can choose from includes sustainable wood, recycled glass, sustainable plant-based materials, recycled rubber, recycled composites and bio resin. Check out our production methods further down for some of the cool things we can make.


Sustainable wood

Wood used for trophies can either be wood from sustainable sources or wood that is reused: for example turning wood salvaged from an old ship into an award for the fishing industry. Wood can be turned, carved, printed onto and engraved. We offer a sustainable wood trophy in our Go! range.


Recycled Plastics 

Recycled plastic is made from a range of sources from plastic bottles to wellie boots. We can make this material into a range of shapes and add printed designs, logos and lettering. We offer a recycled plastic trophy in our Go! range.


Offcut acrylic

We have used waste offcuts of acrylic in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours in trophies we have made. See some examples in our showcase.

Only available for Custom and Bespoke.


Recycled glass

Glass can be remade into an unlimited number of shapes and sizes using a range of techniques including fusing handcut copper sheet between sheets of glass in a super heated kiln and fusing coloured pieces glass with sheets of clear glass to create a range of decorative effects.

Only available for Custom and Bespoke.


Bio resin

We can suspend objects in a clear resin made from a variety of sustainable ingredients such as sunflower seeds, soya beans, rape seed, potato, corn and tapioca. Making trophies using this technology means guests really will have something that is totally unique. Only available for Custom and Bespoke.


Recycled rubber

Text coming soon

Production Processes & Finishes

These are just a few examples of the manufacturing processes we can use.

All trophies are engraved, laser etched or printed with your award details (award title, sponsor, date etc) and details of the source material used to make the trophy are included on the bottom.


3D printing

For our 3D printed trophies we use an eco plastic derived from corn starch and sugar cane which is biodegradable and recyclable. Beautiful objects can be created using this technology and we can tell almost any story you can imagine. Only available for Custom and Bespoke.


laser etching

Text coming soon


Vinyal application

Text coming soon

Watch our video that shows the making of one of our recent awards – which we branded, designed print material and the website.

What to find out more?

Simply email us and we’ll call you to discuss your requirements or go to our contact page and fill out the form with as much detail as you can and we’ll get back to you.

We do more

Our design expertise means we can provide an entire events solution including:

Event Extras

Whether this is branded goody bags, corporate gifts or treats for your guests, we will source unique items and always with an eco heart.

Complete event branding

We will create a look for your event that is in tune with the event purpose and audience and develop this into a suite of items that can include order of service, invites, menus, place cards, name badges – really anything you want.