Natural Capital

About This Project

Natural Capital Partners wanted to celebrate the long-term commitments of its clients, some of whom have now held CarbonNeutral certification for seventeen years.

The company commissioned 56 Ecotrophies for its clients who have achieved various milestones in carbon neutrality with CarbonNeutral company, business travel, packaging, delivery, fleet and flight certifications. We produced three different versions of the design, to celebrate companies with more than three, more than five, and more than ten years of CarbonNeutral certification. The tall, square section trophies were created in FSC certified ash, brown oak or cherry, with an inlaid strip denoting their achievement – oak in the ash trophies to celebrate more than three years, a silver coloured strip of aluminium in the brown oak trophies to celebrate more than five years, and a “gold” coloured strip of brass in the cherry wood to signify more than ten years.

The metals were chosen for their low impact credentials and sourced from reputable UK suppliers with a clear and progressive environmental policy; aluminium is the most recycled of any industrial metal with 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use, whilst brass (a copper based alloy often produced from recycled scrap metals) has the capacity to be recycled an infinite number of times and is a less energy intensive process than for aluminium or steel. We applied a synthetic felt base to the bottom, made from post-consumer waste plastic bottles, and the trophies were finished in an eco-wax oil.