Our process is simple: it’s all about you.

 Unless you are choosing from our Go! range, each award we make is bespoke to you.

1. Gather the details

We start by discovering what your award is for: will it be presented at a glitzy ceremony or is it an award for a single person that will be handed over quietly and informally? What is the award about? What’s the story behind it? What do you hope people will feel on receiving your award? Do you have materials we can use? What is the budget?

All these questions and more are vital to creating something memorable and unique.

2. We then provide you with options for materials.

For our Custom range the list of materials you can choose from includes sustainable wood, recycled glass, sustainable plant-based materials, recycled rubber, recycled composites and bio resin. Check out our production methods for some of the cool things we can make.

3. Design concepts

Text coming soon

4. Production

We are constantly looking out for new techniques and if you have an idea for something cool we can do with a sustainable material then let us know.

We work with local craftspeople and technicians to ensure quality finishes tailored to your needs.

5. Delivery

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What to find out more?

Simply email us and we’ll call you to discuss your requirements or go to our contact page and fill out the form with as much detail as you can and we’ll get back to you.

We do more

Our design expertise means we can provide an entire events solution including:

Event Extras

Whether this is branded goody bags, corporate gifts or treats for your guests, we will source unique items and always with an eco heart.

Complete event branding

We will create a look for your event that is in tune with the event purpose and audience and develop this into a suite of items that can include order of service, invites, menus, place cards, name badges – really anything you want.